June 22, 2017

Our Contributing Author & prAna Ambassador Amy is a yoga teacher, author, and earth activist. She has studied yoga since the age of 16. She is known for her caring, genuine style of teaching, compelling and clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor.
Learn more about Amy’s experience, her story, and inspiring mission:
Amy Ippoliti - prAna Ambassador.
First things first: You Belong Here
If you’re new to yoga, walking into your first class can be an intimidating experience. But rest assured, you are in the right place. Just having the courage to walk into the studio means you belong there, means you are qualified to be there, means you are ready to take a chance.
Nothing about you—not your ability to afford a class or the gear, not your skin color, not your body type, not your preconceived notions of what a yoga student looks like—should limit your willingness to take up yoga.
If yoga is meant to accomplish anything, it’s the ability to clear your mind and do something good for yourself.
“When you walk into a class for the first time, be confident, not intimidated. The most important thing to know is that everyone is welcome in yoga. The fact that you showed up means you are qualified to be there! The second most important thing to know: you will be guided through the practice and you're not alone.”
What are the health benefits of yoga?
Sure, clarity of mind is important, but what about the health benefits? If setting aside 60 minutes to practice yoga sounds like more stress than it’s worth because of obligations and check lists and errands and so on, consider these known side effects of practicing yoga:
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Improved balance and body control
  • Conscious outlets for emotions such as anger, sadness, and depression
  • Body awareness
Sound like it might be worth the 60 minutes now?
“Connecting with the physical form of your body, being 'embodied,' is of great importance to your overall health and inner peace.”




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