Biolite NanoGrid

PowerLight Bundle

Portable lighting and energy hub

The PowerLight Bundle is a compact, powerful system of rechargeable lighting and power storage. A combination torch and lantern, the PowerLight stores shareable energy in the palm of your hand while the daisy-chain SiteLights provide a home-like network of overhead lighting.



  • Edge-Lit 200 Lumen Lantern
    Patented texture provides warm even light with no hotspots

  • Quick Light Button
    Easy-on for low to no-light conditions

  • 250 Lumen Torch
    Powerful flashlight mode for wayfinding

  • USB Out with 4400 mAH Battery
    Refill up to 3 smartphones. Battery indicator included for easy-read charge levels

  • SiteLight Hub
    Daisy-chains up to 4 SiteLights for full NanoGrid lighting system

  • Micro-USB Rechargeable
    Forget external batteries and recharge from your wall, car, or computer

  • 360 Degree S-Hook
    Hang on closed loops or angle from any direction with custom friction hold design.

  • 10 Foot Reach
    10 Foot cord per SiteLight. Fully contained with easy wrapping management system

  • Directable and Dimmable
    Angle lights as needed and dim to desired levels via PowerLight hub

  • Chaining System
    Connect up to 4 SiteLights for 40ft of overhead off-grid lighting




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